Conference Participation

Spring Meeting of the Deutsche Physikalische Gesellschaft, Regensburg, Germany, March 2016 (Public Evening Lecture)

Climate, Energy, and Society: Collège de France and COP21, Paris, France, November 2015 (Invited Lecture)

Henry Kendall Lecture, MIT, Cambridge, MA, April 2015

IPCC AR5: Lessons learnt for climate research and WCRP, Bern, Switzerland, September 2014 (Invited Participant, Theme Leader)

Royal Society Discussion Meeting: Next steps in climate science, London, UK, October 2013 (Invited Speaker)

NCCR Climate Summer School, Grindelwald, Switzerland, September 2013 (Invited Lecturer)

International Conference on Renewable Energy and Policy, Taipeh, Taiwan, November 2012 (Keynote Speaker)

13th Swiss Global Change Day, Bern, Switzerland, April 2012 (Keynote Speaker)

Collège de France colloquium "Ocean and Climate Change", Paris, France, March 2012 (Invited Speaker)

RAPID-USAMOC International Science Meeting, Bristol, UK, July 2011 (Invited Speaker, Organising Committee)

50th-Anniversary Celebration, Max Planck Institute for Plasma Physics, Garching, Germany, July 2010 (Keynote Speaker)

Siemens-MPG Future Dialogue Symposium, Berlin, Germany, October 2009 (Invited Panelist)

ICSU Earth System Visioning Workshop, Paris, France, September 2009 (Invitation only)

World Climate Conference 3 (WCC-3), Geneva, Switzerland, September 2009 (Invited Discussant)

IPCC AR5 Scoping Meeting, Venice, Italy, July 2009 (Invitation only)

European Geophysical Union General Assembly 2009, Vienna, Austria, April 2009 (Medal Lecturer)

World Modelling Summit for Climate Prediction, ECMWF, Reading, UK, May 2008 (Theme Leader, Organising Committee)

Frontier Research Center on Global Change 10th Anniversary Symposium, Yokohama, Japan, March 2008 (Invited Speaker)

Leverhulme Climate Symposium, Cambridge and London, UK, March 2008 (Invited Speaker, Organising Committee)

European Research Course on Atmospheres (ERCA), Grenoble, France, January 2006 - 2011 (Invited Lecturer)

'Aha Huliko'a Workshop on "Extreme Events", Honolulu, Hawaii, January 2007 (Invited Speaker)

RAPID International Science Conference, Birmingham, UK, October 2006 (Invited Speaker, Organising Committee)

MIT Global Change Forum, Vienna, Austria, September 2006 (Invited Speaker)

Dutch Climate Variability Symposium, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, September 2006 (Invited Speaker)

WCRP Workshop Understanding Sea-level Rise and Variability Workshop, Paris, France, June 2006 (Invited Speaker)

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution 75th Anniversary Symposium, Woods Hole, MA, September 2005 (Invited Speaker)

Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory 50th Anniversary Symposium, Princeton, NJ, September 2005 (Invited Speaker)

IODP Paleoclimate Change Conference, London, UK, June 2005 (Invited Speaker)

CLIVAR North Atlantic Workshop, Kiel, Germany, September 2004 (Invited Speaker)

Deutsch-Österreichisch-Schweizerische Meteorologentagung, Karlsruhe, September 2004 (Invited Public Lecture)

First International CLIVAR Science Conference, Baltimore, June 2004 (Invited Speaker)

Hamburg Institute of International Economics (HWWA) International Conference, “Critical Elements of International Climate Policy”, Hamburg, Germany, May 2004 (Invited Speaker) 

International Conference on Earth System Modelling, Hamburg, Germany, September 2003 (Invited Speaker)

WOCE Final Conference, November 2002 (Invited Speaker, Organising Committee)

AGU Ocean Sciences Meeting, Hawaii, February 2002 (Invited Speaker)

AGU Fall Meeting, San Francisco, CA, December 2001 (Invited Speaker)

Climate and Ozone Conference, Bergen, Norway, November 2001 (Invited Speaker)

Cambridge University Summer School in Geophysical and Environmental Fluid Dynamics, Cambridge, UK, September 2001 (Invited Lecturer)

Oxford Spring School, Oxford, UK, April 2001 (Invited Lecturer)

Hanse Conference, Bremen, Germany, February 2001 (Invited Speaker)

Goldschmidt Conference, Oxford, UK, September 2000 (Invited Speaker)

MIT Global Change Forum, Berlin, Germany, June 2000 (Invited Speaker)