Research interests


I am generally interested in the near-term predictions of the global carbon cycle and the carbon-climate feedbacks. My major research focus is on understanding the processes in regulating variation and predictability of the global carbon cycle and climate in the context of the Earth system. I am using large ensemble simulations based on Earth system model to disentangle the internal variability from the variability generated by anthropogenic perturbations. In the meanwhile, I pursue to improve the near-term predictions of ocean carbon uptake and relevant processes by initializing the Earth system model with observations and by improving the representation of meso-scale processes with high resolution models.


ORCID: 0000-0003-2912-1837

Selected publications
  • Ilyina, T., Li, H., Spring, A., Müller, W., Bopp, L., Chikamoto, M., Danabasoglu, G., Dobrynin, M., Dunne, J., Fransner, F., Friedlingstein, P., Lee, W.-S., Lovenduski, N., Merryfield, W., Mignot, J., Park, J.-Y., Séférian, R., Sospedra-Alfonso, R., Watanabe, M. & Yeager, S. (2021). Predictable variations of the carbon sinks and atmospheric CO2 growth in a multi-model framework. Geophysical Research Letters48: e2020GL090695. doi:10.1029/2020GL090695
  • Li, H., Ilyina, T., Müller, W. & Landschützer, P.(2019). Predicting the variable ocean carbon sink. Science Advances5: eaav6471. doi:10.1126/sciadv.aav6471
  • Li, H., Ilyina, T., Müller, W. & Sienz, F. (2016). Decadal predictions of the North Atlantic CO2 uptake. Nature Communications7: 11076. doi:10.1038/ncomms11076



Professional activities
  • Serve as reviewer for peer-reviewed journals: Climate Dynamics, Geophysical Research Letters, Meteorology and Atmospheric Physics, Earth System Dynamics, Nature Climate Change, Nature Communications