I am an Earth system scientist who enjoys exploring the chemical transport of the gases and aerosols in the atmospheric environment. For instance, I investigate the interface of atmospheric sciences and volcanology through studying the physical chemistry of volcanic eruption plumes considering gas-ash-aerosol interactions. This complex transport process essentially modulates the physical and chemical properties of the volcanic ejecta and thus, its impact upon the Earth system. Among other models, I mainly use WRF-Chem to model not only the chemistry and dispersion of volcanic clouds but also the regional air quality. My major research interest is to develop and deploy numerical models to simulate:

- Chemical transport of aerosols in the atmosphere
- Fate, transport and impacts of airborne mineral particles
- Physical chemistry of volcanic eruption plumes and clouds
- Impacts of volcanism on Earth system

Contact information

Mailing Address:

Max Planck Institute for Meteorology
Bundesstr. 53
20146 Hamburg


Phone: +49 40 41173 208
Room: S2.05 






Working Group:

Environmental Modeling 


Current projects:

  • Air pollution analysis and prediction system for South America using WRF-Chem model (see Initiates file downloadhere for details)
  • Volcanic ash dispersion and deposition in South America