Selected Publications

Leutwyler, D. and C. Schär (2019): Barotropic instability of a cyclone core at kilometer-scale resolution, J. Adv. Model. Earth Sy., 11.

Fuhrer O., T. Chadha, T. Hoefler, G. Kwasniewski, X. Lapillonne, D. Leutwyler, D. Lüthi, C. Osuna, C. Schär, T. C. Schulthess and H. Vogt (2018): Near-global climate simulation at 1km resolution: establishing a performance baseline on 4888 GPUs with COSMO 5.0, Geosci. Model Dev., 11, 1665-1681,

Leutwyler D., D. Lüthi, N. Ban, O. Fuhrer, and C. Schär (2017): Evaluation of the Convection-Resolving Climate Modeling Approach on Continental Scales, J. Geophys.  Res. -  Atmos., 122,

Leutwyler D., O. Fuhrer, X. Lapillonne, D. Lüthi, and C. Schär (2016): Towards European-Scale Convection-Resolving Climate Simulations with GPUs: A Study with COSMO 4.19, Geosci. Model

News Outlets

Stanley S., EOS Research Spotlight (2017): New Supercomputers Allow Climate Models to Capture Convection

Ulmer S., CSCS Research Spotlight (2017): Convection-resolving simulation over Europe

Ulmer S., CSCS Research Spotlight (2014): Cloud-resolving climate simulations for Europe

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