Research Students and Post-docs
  • PostDoc: Dr. Ying Dai within the Blue-Action H2020 Project, 2017-
  • PostDoc: Dr. Rohit Gosh within the AtlanTOS/Blue-Action H2020 projects, 2017-
  • PostDoc: Dr. Evangelos Tyrlis within the JPI Clim Belmont InterDec, 2016-
  • PostDoc: Dr. Ralf Hand within the MovieClip MiKlip II Projekt on assessing and improving the representation of key atmospheric and oceanic processes in the MiKlip prediction systems. 2015-
  • Student helper: Nora Specht
  • PhD. Student (co-advised with Jürgen Bader) Oct. 2012- Dec. 2015 and Postdoc Jan 2016-March 2016: Park, Jong-yeon (IMPRS ESM, MPI-M), Topic: Monsoon dynamics in a warming climate.
  • Bachelor Student (completed degree): Jonathan Niesel, Department of Meteorology, University of Hamburg. Thesis title: Atmospheric response to the natural variability of the Atlantic meridional overturning circulation on decadal time scale.
  • Abitur Research Project (in German): Isa Ibing (Hamburg): El Niño und seine Folgen in Indonesien und Peru.