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The Ocean in the Earth System

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Current Research Projects
  • JPI Climate-Belmont Forum  InterDec - The potential of seasonal-to-decadal-scale inter-regional linkages to advance climate predictions ( Lead Principal Investigator. Partners: MPI-M, GEOMAR, ECMWF, University of Reading, NERSC Nansen Center, University of Bergen, SMHI, University of Tokyo, University of Niigata, IAP CAS. (08. 2016 - 11. 2020, 2.3 Mil. Euro),
  • H2020 Blue-Action - Arctic Impact on Weather and Climate ( Coordinator & leader of WP4 Enhancing the capacity of seasonal-to-decadal prediction in the Arctic and over the Northern Hemisphere. The Blue-Action consortium consists of partners from 17 European, American and Asian countries (12. 2016 - 02. 2021, 7.5 Mil. Euro).
  • German BMBF RACE II - Regional Atlantic Circulation and Global Change: Principal Investigator of the HiPRED - High-resolution decadal predictions of Atlantic and European climate variations project. (01.2016-12.2018, 280 KEuro),
  • German BMBF MiKlip II: Principal Investigator of the project MOVIECLIP - Modes of Ocean Variability and their Implication for European continent CLImate Predictions. (11.2015- 10. 2018, 262 KEuro),
  • WCRP Grand Challenge on Near Term Climate Predictions (2016 - ): Steering Committee Member,
  • Multi-model real-time decadal forecast exchange initiative (coordinated by MetOffice (2011- ),
  • Arctic Warming-MIP: Task Force Member. A newly proposed US Clivar/EU MIP to study the Arctic-Milatitude Linkages, (2017- )
  • DANAE - Dynamics And predictability of ENSO teleconnection in the North- Atlantic-European region. LPI Javier Garcia Serrano (BSC, Spain). (2016-2020).
  • H2020 PRIMAVERA: on developing the next generation of ultra high-resolution atmospheric and coupled climate models to help improving our understanding of the key physical and dynamical drivers and mechanisms of European climate variations. (11. 2015 - 12. 2019).,