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Max Planck Institute for Meteorology
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Atmosphere in the Earth System


HD(CP)2: High definition clouds and precipitation for advancing climate prediction (Project S4: Land Surface Heterogeneity)

Previous projects

  • CLAVIER: Climate change impacts on Central and Eastern Europe (2007-2009)
  • KLIFF: Klimafolgenforschung in Niedersachsen (climate impact research for the German federal state Lower Saxony) (2009-2013)
  • KLIWAS: Climate impact on navigable waterways in Germany
  • CORDEX and EuroCORDEX: Coordinated regional climate downscaling experiment

 Scientific interests

  • Clouds and precipitation
  • Regional climate modelling
  • Climate impact research
  • Theoretical physics: Bose-Einstein condensation, fundamental aspects of quantum mechanics

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Climate Science

Peer reviewed:

  • C. Moseley, O. Henneberg, and J. O. Haerter: A statistical model for isolated convective precipitation events. Journal of Advances in Modeling Earth Systems, 11, 360-375, doi:10.1029/2018MS001383 (2019)
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Non peer-reviewed:

  • C. Moseley, O. Panferov, C. Döring, J. Dietrich, U. Haberlandt, V. Ebermann, D. Rechid, F. Beese, and D. Jacob: Kapitel 4: Klimaentwicklung und Klimaszenarien in: Empfehlung fur eine niedersächsische Strategie zur Anpassung an die Folgen des Klimawandels, Niedersächsisches Ministerium für Umwelt, Energie und Klimaschutz, Regierungskommission Klimaschutz (in German, 2012)
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Theoretical physics

Peer reviewed:

  • V.P. Barros, C. Moseley, A. Gammal, and K. Ziegler: Formation of vortices in a dense Bose-Einstein condensate, Phys. Rev. A 78, 013642 (2008)
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Non peer-reviewed:

  • C. Moseley: Simpler proof of the theorem by Pusey, Barrett, and Rudolph on the reality of the quantum state, arxiv:1401.0026 (2014).
  • C. Moseley: Phases and phase transitions in an interacting Bose gas, doctoral thesis (2007)
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