This webpage shows you videos about Prof Stevens´ research.

Interview with Prof Bjorn Stevens

Prof Bjorn Stevens is Director in the department "The Atmosphere in the Earth system" and speaks about his research and the question: To what extent do aerosol particles in the atmosphere mask the effects of greenhouse gases? © Latest Thinking GmbH

Watching Water

What is it about the mighty water molecule that makes it so important? Does an understanding of a few key facts about water help us to better understand our atmosphere, patterns of weather, climate and climate change? In his lecture at the New England Aquarium on 15.10.2015, Prof Bjorn Stevens, Director at Max Planck Institute for Meteorology, answered these questions.

Clouds - more shade in the greenhouse?

What are the effects of clouds on climate change? MPI-M Director Prof. Bjorn Stevens investigates this question with his colleagues and explains the interrelations. (Only in German)

Presentation during the Conference PASC15

Recording of Stevens´ plenary presentation "1010" during the Platform for Advanced Scientific Computing Conference, PASC15.