Tropical Circulation Systems
Winter Semester 2015/2016
Thursdays 12:30-14:30 (short break)
Room 22/23, Bundesstrasse 53

This course (12+1 meetings broken into two 50 min sessions with a short break in between) will provide an in-depth exploration of tropical meteorology, covering themes ranging to the energy budget and balance of the tropical circulation, to tropical convection, convective systems, convectively coupled waves and large-scale tropical circulations. A special focus will be on the 2015/2016 El Niño.

Grading & Course Expectations
The lectures will consist of a mix of prepared material and reading. Reading assignments will be posted on this class website, along with notes.

Credit for the course will be based on participation and and a short (2-3 page) paper motivating and outlining a specific research question that one would pursue to advance progress on one of the topics discussed in class. This could take the form of a proposed bachelor or even master’s project. For those wanting a grade better than a pass a 7-15 page research paper that goes into greater depth is required.

Deadline for Announcing a Topic is 31, Dec 2015
Deadline for Handing in Term Paper is 1, April 2016

Material from lectures will be collected in the form of a rough script which will be updated intermittently.
The latest copy of the script can be found here:

05.11.2015   Introduction, Riehl & Malkus (1958)
12.11.2015   Atmospheric Thermodynamics and Convection,  Atmospheric Thermodynamics
19.11.2015   No Class
26.11.2015   Atmospheric Convection Cont.
03.12.2015a Thermodynamic Diagrams and the Structure of the Tropical Atmosphere
03.12.2015b Gravity Waves and the Weak Temperature Gradient Approximation, Romps (2012), Fovell Notes
10.12.2015   El Niño (guest lecture by Thorsten Mauritsen)
17.12.2015   Equatorial Waves, Matsuno (1966)
07.01.2016   (Guest Lecture, Cathy Hohenegger)
14.01.2016   (Guest Lecture, Cathy Hohenegger)