Cloud (and Aerosol) Physics:
(winter semester 2010/2011)


These lectures present a description of the thermodynamic and microphysical laws that govern the microphysical structure of clouds and precipitation. In addition to reviewing the elements of cloud (and aerosol) microphysics this course reviews the different types of models that have been developed to describe such processes; basic measurement techniques, including remote sensing; and some of the important outstanding questions.  The course is taught at an advanced undergraduate level and lectures are given in German.

To develop an appreciation of the microphysical processes impacting the microphysical structure of clouds and precipitation. The course consists of 12-14 lectures which emphasize the basic physical principles governing cloud (and aerosol) microphysical processes.
The course is part of the thermodynamics/cloud physics sequence of the undergraduate (Bachelors) meteorology major at the University of Hamburg. Grades are based on an oral exam at the end of the semester. The exam is developed around the exercises discussed during the course.
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