Atmospheric Moist Convection 
(winter semester 2009/2010)
This course (15 lectures of about 2 hrs each) will give an introduction and overview to the structure and theory of atmospheric moist convection. My focus will be to develop our theoretical understanding of this class of atmospheric phenomena, particularly as it relates to the structure and sensitivity of the climate system. The intended audience is Masters or PhD level students, certainly those that have a basic understanding of meteorological concepts and atmospheric thermodynamics. A goal will be to develop the basis for students to pursue PhD research on interesting questions pertaining to atmospheric moist convection and its role in the climate system.
Students wishing to use this course for Wahlfach can collect 3 credits (or LP, Leistungspunkte). To do so requires a Schein (statement, that the students successfully attended your lecture and earned 3 LP ). To receive this Schein the student will be required to pass a small oral at the end of the course. The mere appearance in my lecture (attendance) will not be sufficient. Students who wish to enrich their final certification by an additional mark may also do so, this will require passing an additional written examination. Students wishing to pursue this latter option should register with me before Feb 1 to work out the content and timeline of such an examination.
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