A Climate System View of Clouds and Convection:
(winter semester 2011/2012) 

These lectures are on the climate and climate dynamics of cloudy atmospheres. The course reviews the different ways clouds and convective processes contribute to the state and changes in the climate system. The energy budgets of the top of the atmosphere and the surface will be presented, and the effects of clouds on the equilibrium surface temperature will be reviewed. Concepts related to cloud and aerosol effects, forcing, feedbacks, and adjustments to climate perturbations will also be introduced and developed. Our current understanding of cloud feedback processes will be developed. The course is taught at the masters level, but is also appropriate for advanced undergraduates (bachelor students). Lectures are given in German.

This course (12+1 lectures of about 2 hrs each) will give an introduction and overview of the role of clouds and convective processes in the climate system

Credit for the course will be based on a satisfactory presentation of research material in a CloudSlam, at a time and location to be arranged. Note that a list of suggested papers for the cloudslam can be found in appendix B of the class script.

Supplementary Material (from lectures, as numbered):
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