Fields of interest:

  • Renewable energy (wind).
  • Aerodynamics, environmental flows, fluid mechanics.
  • Computational fluid dynamics, numerical methods.
  • Turbulent mixing, shear- and buoyancy-driven flows, entrainment.
  • Heat transfer and energy systems.


PhD thesis title: “On Entrainment in Sheared Convective Boundary Layers”

The purpose of this dissertation was to advance our knowledge of wind-shear effects on entrainment in a convective boundary layer (CBL) and to synthesize this new knowledge in the form of closure equations for bulk models. In particular, we derived scaling laws for different properties of sheared CBLs as functions of the surface and free-atmosphere conditions. These scaling laws allowed us to tackle a major long-standing limitation of previous bulk models, which is the singularity at a finite wind strength, and to propose non-singular bulk models of sheared CBLs.

Haghshenas, A. (2019). On entrainment in sheared convective boundary layers. PhD Thesis, Universität Hamburg, Hamburg. doi:10.17617/2.3065449.