Scientific Working Groups

The basic unit of organization within the department is the scientific working group. Working groups are lead by a senior scientist, and carry the responsibility for developing and maintaining the department's infrastructure. The working groups reflect the interests of their group leader, while contributing to the strategic priorities of the department and its director. In addition to the scientific working groups, the department is also proud to host a Max Planck Society funded, junior research group and one Max Planck Fellow Group, which while they have a more independent structure, also contribute vitally to the scientific life of the department.


Director's Research Group (Prof. Dr. Jochem Marotzke, Dr. Johann Jungclaus)

Applied Mathematics and Computational Physics group (AMCP) (Dr. Peter Korn)

Ocean Energetics (Dr. Jin-Song von Storch)

Ocean Biogeochemistry (Dr. Tatiana Ilyina)

Ocean Physics (Dr. Uwe Mikolajewicz)

Earth System Modelling and Prediction ( Dr. Wolfgang Müller)

The Sea Ice in the Earth System (Prof. Dirk Notz)

Observations, Analysis and Synthesis (Dr. Peter Landschützer)

Climate-Biosphere Interactions (Prof. Dr. Victor Brovkin)