Terrestrial Hydrology


  • Stefan Hagemann
    Group Leader (until 31. Oct. 2017). Modelling and validation of the hydrological cycle, hydrological applications in global and regional climate models, hydrological change projections, land surface processes, re-analysis data, derivation of land surface parameter datasets, Derivation of IWV from GPS data. Climate model data bias correction, Biophysical feedbacks in permafrost regions. CRESCENDO project.
  • Philipp de Vrese
    PostDoc in GVM group. Impact of surface heterogeneities on land surface water and energy fluxes.
  • Goran Georgievski
    PostDoc. Usage of new ESA CCI land cover data in JSBACH. ESA LandCover CCI project.
  • Tobias Stacke
    PostDoc. Feedbacks of irrigation and wetlands to the climate. Initialization of the land surface for seasonal-decadal climate prediction. Soil moisture memory. MiKlip 2 project.

Associated Staff

Klaus Arpe - Scientist emeritus. Data analysis, model validation
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