Former Group: Fire in the Earth System

Emmy Noether Junior Research Group

As part of the Emmy Noether Junior Research Group in the department Land in the Earth System the role of fire in the Earth system is investigated with the MPI-M Earth system model.

Together with improved observational based process understanding the group analyzes how fires have developed throughout Earth history and how single fire driven processes contribute to the overall fire climate impact.

We work with mechanistic terrestrial biosphere fire models implemented into an ESM. These models allow us to interactively simulate dynamic fire processes, such as the emissions of trace gases into the atmosphere. Fire mediated climate relevant processes occur in all compartment of the Earth System, including the land, atmosphere, ocean and crysophere. As such the group works cross-disciplinary between the departments of the institute.

More about our research and ongoing group activities you can find the Research section.

Posters on ongoing group activities are displayed in the Gallery.

Our group was featured in an article published in the "Max Planck Forschung" 04/2014 Initiates file downloadpdf

The JSBACH-SPITFIRE development was featured in the "News" section of the Max Planck Institute for Meteorology link