Ongoing and recent research

Organization of convection

  • Quantification of the organization of convection (tropical Atlantic, Germany)
  • Cold pools: climatology (Germany), genesis, effects on deep convection, representation in convective parameterization
  • Factors explaining the diurnal cycle of organized convective systems (MJO as well as radiative convective equilibrium simulations)
  • Physical factors controlling the self-aggregation of convection (radiative convective equilibrium simulations), including development of a bulk model for the study of radiatively driven circulations
  • Factors controlling edge intensification of convection (radiative convective equilibrium simulations)
  • Squall lines: representation and importance for the large-scale circulation (Africa)
  • Importance of organization for the distribution of precipitation (tropical Atlantic)
  • Impact of organization on the climate system (radiative convective equilibrium simulations)
  • Representation of organization in convective parameterization


Land-atmosphere interactions

  • Effect of the land surface on squall lines (idealized)
  • Soil-moisture precipitation feedback: homogeneous and heterogeneous surface (idealized as well as Germany)
  • Interactions between static and dynamic heterogeneity (idealized as well as Africa)
  • Interactions between convection and surface induced shallow circulation, including effects of moist convection on the characteristics of a surface induced circulation and the representation of such interactions in models across resolutions (idealized)
  • Radiative convective equilibrium simulation over a land surface


Shallow convection

  • Characterization of the cloud size distribution of shallow cumulus convection (idealized, Barbados, tropical Atlantic as well as Germany)
  • Development of a stochastic shallow convection scheme