The UCLA Large Eddy Simulation Code (UCLALES)

The UCLA Large Eddy Simulation code is the working horse of our research group. Developed since the mid-nineties by Bjorn Stevens, the code is specifically designed for detailed studies of cloud dynamics. The code is highly parallelized, and includes advanced radiation, cloud/rain microphysical schemes and a simple land surface scheme. The code is always under development, both in terms of bug fixing as well as in terms of addition of new features.

UCLALES is freely available and licensed under GPLv3; see the Download section for instructions.

In November 2011, an internal course on the use of UCLALES was held. The handouts of this course can be found Initiates file downloadover here.


Some examples of what can be done with the UCLALES:

Lagrangian drops in LES

Transition to deep convection