Climate Modelling Group

Group Leader: Marco Giorgetta

Numerical models of the atmosphere describe the essential dynamical and physical processes, which take effect in the atmosphere and result in the observed general circulation. Combining such model with high performance computers provides the numerical laboratory allowing the experimental investigation of climate properties as well as the sensitivity of the modeled climate to a variety of influencing factors.

The climate modeling group primarily develops the ICON atmosphere model for a variety of research applications, for global as well as regional simulations, and for realistic as well as idealized conditions. This includes the global atmosphere configuration for integration over long periods, with relatively coarse horizontal resolutions and consequently the use of parameterizations for most processes. Further this includes the large eddy resolving configuration (ICON-LEM), where most processes are directly simulated instead of parameterized. The global model configuration is developed especially for the employment in the coupled ICON Earth system model (ICON-ESM). The the model development is mainly focused on:

  • Continued development of the ICON atmosphere for the ICON-ESM
  • Development of a high resolution global ICON atmosphere model resolving deep convection
  • Investigation of the coupling of processes

The model development is pushed forward in collaboration with developers of other groups and department at MPI-M, at the German Weather Service (DWD) and the German climate computing center (DKRZ). M. Giorgetta represents the AES department in the climate modelling steering group to coordinate the cross-institutional planning of the development of the ICON-ESM.