Ringberg Workshops


Schloss Ringberg is a facility for scientific meetings and workshops which is maintained by the Max Planck Society for the Advancement of Science. It lies in spectacular setting in the foothills of the Alps, about an hour south of Munich (an international hub), from which it is readily reached by car or train. Participants at the Ringberg Series of Workshops are expected to cover their travel and lodging costs (ca 110€ for full room and board). More information about the facility is available on the website of the Max Planck Society: Opens external link in current windowhttp://www.schloss-ringberg.mpg.de


Since 2013 our department has been organizing and supporting a series of workshops on themes related to the World Climate Research Programme Opens external link in current windowGrand Challenge on Clouds, Circulation and Climate Sensitivity. Ringberg provides an intimate setting in which up to about forty scientists can develop and exchange ideas. The current Ringberg Series of workshops is listed below:


Ringberg 2013: Global Cloud Resolving Modeling
Ringberg 2014: Grand Challenge on Clouds, Circulation and Climate Sensitivity
Ringberg 2015: Earth's Climate Sensitivity
Ringberg 2018: Bounding Aerosol Effective Radiative Forcing

Ringberg 2014 produced a WCRP workshop report that was the basis for a subsequent article identifying four questions central to the advancement of climate science over the coming five to eight years. One of these questions was chosen as the basis for a follow up workshop, Ringberg 2015.

Ringberg 2018 was instrumental for a review article on the bounds of global aerosol radiative forcing.