German EarthCARE Project Office

The German EarthCARE Project Office is dedicated to preparing the German research community to ensure the successful use of EarthCARE.   This will be achieved by communicating important and up-to-date information, facilitating the development of community-wide initiatives and establishing the necessary mechanisms for advancing the anticipated research activities.


The EarthCARE (Earth Cloud, Aerosol and Radiation Explorer) satellite mission is the next evolution in multi-sensor, space-borne observations and synergistic data products. With an expected launch date in mid-2022, this joint mission between the European Space Agency and the Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency aims to observe interactions among radiant energy transfer, clouds, aerosols and precipitation, so as to better understand controls on Earth’s energy budget.  Based on the robust heritage of satellites and satellite constellations, the EarthCARE payload includes four instruments operating on a single platform to provide coincident measurements: a high-spectral-resolution lidar (ATLID), the first ever space-borne Doppler radar (CPR), a multispectral imager (MSI), and a broadband radiometer (BBR).  The novel features of the satellite (e.g. coincident measurements, higher radar sensitivity, Doppler capability, and measured lidar extinction) provide an exciting opportunity to perform more accurate and informed analysis than before.

For more information on the mission, instrumentation, and data products, please visit ESA's Earth Explorers EarthCARE page. 



Mission Requirements Document

Instruments Description 

Data Production Model

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News and Opportunities:

> A downloadable EarthCARE Fact Sheet is now available! The fact sheet contains information about the EarthCARE Satellite Mission and a short description of the Project Office. 

EarthCARE-EELCAT Joint Workshop 2018
The workshop took place on 29 - 31 January 2018 at the Grand Hotel Bristol in Colmar, France with a total of 68 participants from German and French institutes and universities. Thank you again to all of the participants for a great workshop! Special thanks to Julien Delanoe and Vincent Noel for organizing the meeting with me. The agenda and links to presentations can be found on the EECLAT website (link). A meeting summary has been published in BAMS (link).

> ESA Announcement of Opportunity for EarthCARE Calibration and Validation
The deadline for proposal submission was 31 October 2017. Lead by Dr. Ulla Wandinger (TROPOS), the German EarthCARE community successfully submitted a joint proposal combining the expertise of 11 institutes and universities. UPDATE: The proposal has been accepted and was presented during the First ESA EarthCARE Validation Workshop (13 - 15 June 2018).




Project Office Information:

Leader, Bjorn Stevens

Project Office Coordinator, Anna Luebke (email)

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The German EarthCARE Project Office is funded with the support of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy.