AES Seminar

The seminar takes place Monday at 10:30 am room 101. For any changes or suggestion of talks please write a mail to Opens window for sending emailChristian Wengel or Opens window for sending emailTobias Kölling.


Title Speakers Date Organizers Target Groups
TBA TBD 12.07.2021 Theresa Lang
TBA Claudia Stephan 31.05.2021 TBD
Whit Monday (Pfingstmontag) - no seminar 24.05.2021 TBD
FESSTVaL measurements summer 2021 Cathy Hohenegger 20.09.2021 TBD
TBA Theresa Lang 19.07.2021 TBD
How do storm resolving models simulate upper tropospheric warming? Paul Keil 05.07.2021 TBD
TBA Hauke Schmidt 28.06.2021 Paul Keil
Agile and Scrum in Academia Heike Konow 14.06.2021 Jiawei Bao
TBA TBD 07.06.2021 Heike Konow
TBA Jiawei Bao 21.06.2021 Hauke Schmidt
Volcanic Aerosol Forcing and Climate Sensitivity Moritz Günther 17.05.2021 Clarissa Kroll
Volcanic impact on tropical hydro climate Claudia Timmreck 13.09.2021 Cathy Hohenegger