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Title Speakers Date Organizers
The Diurnal Cycle of Mid-Troposphere Temperature in the Maritime Continent David Leutwyler 16.12.2019 Yanmichel Morfa Avalos
ClimModelBias: A tool for Climate Model Evaluation Traute Crüger 22.06.2015 Ulrike Niemeier
IT special: Future vision of HPC Luis Kornblüh 29.05.2017 Ulrike Niemeier
Using remote sensors to characterize clouds in the trade wind regime Ocatve Tessiot 23.07.2018 Ulrike Niemeier
TBD Sebastian Müller 22.10.2018 Ulrike Niemeier
Tropical VIBES update Jürgen Bader 02.03.2015 Traute Crueger
Updates to the MAC aerosol climatology for optical and microphysical properties Stefan Kinne 15.06.2015 Traute Crueger
Near-surface effects of stratification above a free convective boundary layer (room 301) Juan Pedro Mellado 04.01.2016 Traute Crueger
Tropical Convection, its Gravity Waves and Aggregation, in Spherical Limited Area Models Sebastian Müller 16.01.2017 Traute Crueger
(Re)discovering precipitation efficiency through land-atmosphere interactions Guido Cioni 26.06.2017 Traute Crueger
Does higher resolution render simulated cold pool statistics closer to observations? TBD 18.12.2017 Traute Crueger
Entrainment Zone Properties Conditioned on Turbulent and Non-turbulent Regions Katherine Fodor 04.02.2019 Traute Crueger
Cold pool statistics in high-resolution large-eddy simulations covering Germany Rieke Heinze 14.10.2019 Traute Crueger
Convective organization on large scales Tobias Becker 02.11.2015 Tobias Haufschild
TBD Angela Cheska Siongco 04.07.2016 Tobias Haufschild
Sensitivity of simulated 19th century climate to volcanic forcing uncertainties Claudia Timmreck 15.05.2017 Tobias Haufschild
How useful is a linearized interactive ozone scheme for climate modelling? Katharina Meraner 20.11.2017 Tobias Haufschild
The role of precipitation and organization in the response of trade-wind clouds to warming TBD 04.05.2015 Tobias Becker
Convective organization on small scales Christopher Moseley 26.10.2015 Tobias Becker
Surface influence on squall line discrete propagation Karsten Peters 22.08.2016 Tobias Becker

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