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Title Speakers Date Organizers
TBD Julia Hargreaves 08.05.2017 Thorsten Mauritsen
Sensitivity of simulated 19th century climate to volcanic forcing uncertainties Claudia Timmreck 15.05.2017 Tobias Haufschild
TBD Anna Luebke 22.05.2017 Tobias Becker
IT special: Future vision of HPC Luis Kornblüh 29.05.2017 Ulrike Niemeier
Stratospheric sulfate impact on stratospheric dynamics - Consequences for transport and radiative forcing Ulrike Niemeier 12.06.2017 Katharina Meraner
Gliding special Aude Untersee, Thorsten Mauritsen 19.06.2017 Guido Cioni
(Re)discovering precipitation efficiency through land-atmosphere interactions Guido Cioni 26.06.2017 Traute Crueger
High Definition Clouds and Precipitation - an overview of the HD(CP)² project Wiebke Schubotz 03.07.2017 Ann Kristin Naumann
Aerosols - observations and interpretations Stefan Kinne 10.07.2017 Stephanie Fiedler
TBD Gustavo Hime 17.07.2017 Stefan Kinne
Convective cloud ensembles in theory, observations and modelling Mirjana Sakradzija 24.07.2017 James Ruppert
The diurnal cycle of large-scale overturning in convective self-aggregation, and diurnal stratospheric waves James Ruppert 31.07.2017 Mirjana Sakradzija
The effect of low-level radiative cooling on the BL structure and on a shallow circulation Ann Kristin Naumann 07.08.2017 Juan Pedro Mellado
Radiative forcing and climate Robert Pincus 14.08.2017 Johannes Kiliani
Calibration of Raman lidar water vapor measurements at the Barbados Cloud Observatory Johannes Kiliani 21.08.2017 Mona Karimi, Juan Pedro Mellado
Simulating low-clouds using A Unified Higher Order Closure Cloud Scheme: some preliminary results and future plans Zhun Guo 04.09.2017 Katherine Fodor
A 1D model of the atmosphere and its application to the tropical tropopause Sally Dacie 11.09.2017 Hauke Schmidt
Toward a multiscale representation of convection in climate models Nicolas Rochetin 18.09.2017 Matthias Brück
What happened to the stratosphere in February 2016? Hauke Schmidt 25.09.2017 Marcus Klingebiel
TBD Matthias Brück 09.10.2017 Sebastian Müller

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