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Title Speakers Date Organizers
TBD Sebastian Müller 22.10.2018 Ulrike Niemeier
TBD Laura Paccini 15.10.2018 Geet George
TBD TBD 03.12.2018 TBD
TBD Hauke Schulz 17.12.2018 Claudia Stephan
TBD Claudia Stephan 07.01.2019 Bernhard Schulz
TBD Guido Cioni 21.01.2019 Katharina Meraner
TBD Katharina Meraner 28.01.2019 Cathy Hohenegger
TBD TBD 29.04.2019 TBD
TBD TBD 06.05.2019 TBD
TBD TBD 17.06.2019 Marcus Klingebiel
TBD Marcus Klingebiel 01.07.2019 Hauke Schmidt
TBD TBD 19.08.2019 Hartmut Borth
TBD Martin Bergemann 02.09.2019 Hauke Schulz
TBD TBD 09.09.2019 Jiawei Bao
Survey of Methane/Ethane measurements with a mobile platform in Hamburg Hossein Maazallahi 29.10.2018 Stefan Kinne
Surface Layer Similarity and the Role of Large-Scale Circulations in Free Convection Katherine Fodor 19.02.2018 Julia Windmiller
Surface influence on squall line discrete propagation Karsten Peters 22.08.2016 Tobias Becker
Surface energy and momentum transfer in DYAMOND Winter Marcel Kern 26.10.2020 Hauke Schulz
Super-Clausius-Clapeyron increase of extreme convective precipitation with temperature in LES simulations Christopher Moseley 13.04.2015 Marco Giorgetta
Sub-mesoscale observations of cold pools during FESSTVaL Bastian Kirsch 20.01.2020 Andrea Schneidereit

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