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Title Speakers Date Organizers
Convective organization in the ICON NARVAL simulations Matthias Brück 12.12.2016 Ann Kristin Naumann
TBD Matthias Brück 09.10.2017 Sebastian Müller
How many ensemble members are needed to identify the response to volcanic eruptions? Matthias Bittner 08.06.2015 Christopher Moseley
Making volcanic aerosol forcing “easy” Matthew Toohey 07.09.2015 Louise Nuijens
TBD Martin Bergemann 02.09.2019 Hauke Schulz
Predictability of SST pattern evolution Maria Rugenstein 17.02.2020 Clarissa Kroll
Barbados Cloud Observatory: Weak Radar reflectivity signals below shallow cumulus clouds - Fact or artifact? Marcus Klingebiel 31.10.2016 Juan Pedro Mellado
TBD Marcus Klingebiel 28.05.2018 James Ruppert
TBD Marcus Klingebiel 01.07.2019 Hauke Schmidt
Langhans and Romps (2015) The origin of water-vapor rings in tropical oceanic cold pools, Geophys. Res. Lett., accepted: Marco Giorgetta 28.09.2015 Jürgen Bader
ICON special: Ongoing development and perspectives for global atmospheric ICON simulations Marco Giorgetta 06.02.2017 Sebastian Müller
ICON-A, the atmospheric component of the ICON Earth System Model. Part 1: Model description Marco Giorgetta 29.01.2018 Karsten Peters
ICON status and discussion Marco Giorgetta 05.11.2018 Jan-Niklas Welss
The documentation of ICON Marco Giorgetta 03.02.2020 Jaemyeong Seo
Surface energy and momentum transfer in DYAMOND Winter Marcel Kern 26.10.2020 Hauke Schulz
TBD Lutz Hirsch 31.08.2015 Matthew Toohey
The new 94 GHz radar for the BCO Lutz Hirsch 20.08.2018 Alon Azoulay
Ship based activities in the past and the future Lutz Hirsch 15.06.2020 Lutz Hirsch
Climate feedbacks in a 1D radiative-convective equilibrium model Lukas Kluft 01.04.2019 Julia Windmiller
Discussion on long wave absorption spectra Lukas Kluft 03.06.2019 Theresa Mieslinger

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