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Title Speakers Date Organizers
The diurnal cycle of large-scale overturning in convective self-aggregation, and diurnal stratospheric waves James Ruppert 31.07.2017 Mirjana Sakradzija
Satellite observations of marine shallow cumulus clouds Theresa Mieslinger 13.05.2019 Mirjana Sakradzija
Alternative Earths: A New View on Old Topics Diego Jimenez 04.12.2017 Matthias-Heinz Retsch
Eurec4a: Lidar LICHT on Meteor Ludwig Worbes 28.09.2020 Matthias Retsch
Toward a multiscale representation of convection in climate models Nicolas Rochetin 18.09.2017 Matthias Brück
TBD Lutz Hirsch 31.08.2015 Matthew Toohey
From microstates of shallow cumuli to macrostates of weather and climate Mirjana Sakradzija 27.05.2019 Maria Rugenstein
Toward form-function understanding of mesoscale structure in atmospheric convection Brian Mapes 24.10.2016 Marcus Klingebiel
What happened to the stratosphere in February 2016? Hauke Schmidt 25.09.2017 Marcus Klingebiel
FESSTVaL: Field Experiment on submesoscale spatio-temporal variability in Lindenberg Cathy Hohenegger 14.05.2018 Marcus Klingebiel
TBD TBD 17.06.2019 Marcus Klingebiel
Explicit convection and kilometric circulations in climate models Thibaut Dauhut 22.07.2019 Marcus Klingebiel
Super-Clausius-Clapeyron increase of extreme convective precipitation with temperature in LES simulations Christopher Moseley 13.04.2015 Marco Giorgetta
Stratospheric controls on northern hemispheric storm tracks: A road map to a simplified model Tobias Haufschild 27.06.2016 Marco Giorgetta
Sensitivity of eddies to the vertical structure of baroclinicity Janni Yuval 10.04.2017 Marco Giorgetta
Spectral cumulus parameterization based on cloud-resolving model Yuya Baba 23.10.2017 Marco Giorgetta
Stratospheric circulation response to global warming and its impact on surface climate Tobias Haufschild 27.11.2017 Marco Giorgetta
A diurnally evolving trapped lee wave study Haile Xue 29.06.2020 Marco Giorgetta
Spatial patterns of precipitating shallow convection during EUREC4A Jule Radtke 19.10.2020 Marcel Kern
Transport of nitrogen oxides through the winter mesopause Katharina Meraner 03.08.2015 Lutz Hirsch

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