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Title Speakers Date Organizers
Water vapor variability in the tropics from modeling and airborne lidar Ann Kristin Naumann 10.12.2018 Hauke Schulz
TBD TBD 03.12.2018 TBD
Catching Cold Pools during FESSTVaL 2020 Bastian Kirsch 26.11.2018 Armin Haghshenas
RCEMIP at MPI - first results and future plans Tobias Becker 19.11.2018 Bastian Kirsch
Controls of the coupled stratosphere-troposphere response to global warming in idealized models Tobias Haufschild 12.11.2018 Tobias Becker
ICON status and discussion Marco Giorgetta 05.11.2018 Jan-Niklas Welss
Survey of Methane/Ethane measurements with a mobile platform in Hamburg Hossein Maazallahi 29.10.2018 Stefan Kinne
TBD Sebastian Müller 22.10.2018 Ulrike Niemeier
TBD Laura Paccini 15.10.2018 Geet George
The Atlantic ITCZ — in a few plots Bjorn Stevens 08.10.2018 TBD
TBD Kevin Helfer 01.10.2018 Laura Paccini
Turbulence schemes and their influence on the boundary layer development in ICON-LEM Jan-Niklas Welss 24.09.2018 Moritz Hartmann
Wind-shear effects on specific humidity in a convective boundary layer - A zero-order model approach Moritz Hartmann 17.09.2018 Katherine Fodor
TBD Geet George 03.09.2018 Jan-Niklas Welss
TBD Alon Azoulay 27.08.2018 Christopher Moseley
The new 94 GHz radar for the BCO Lutz Hirsch 20.08.2018 Alon Azoulay
TBD Leonore Jungandreas 13.08.2018 Lutz Hirsch
Urbanization and urban heat island: from regime transition of city-scale circulations to the rapid modification of urban land surface temperature during rainfall Hamid Omidvar 06.08.2018 Juan Pedro Mellado
TBD Ulrike Niemeier 30.07.2018 Ilya Serikov
Using remote sensors to characterize clouds in the trade wind regime Ocatve Tessiot 23.07.2018 Ulrike Niemeier

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