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Title Speakers Date Organizers
Towards reconciling observational- and modeling-informed understanding of precipitation-induced tropical cold pools Paquita Zuidema 05.12.2016 Claudia Timmreck
Using remote sensors to characterize clouds in the trade wind regime Ocatve Tessiot 23.07.2018 Ulrike Niemeier
No seminar None 23.11.2015 None
No Seminar None 30.11.2015 None
No Seminar None 15.02.2016 None
no seminar None 14.03.2016 None
no seminar None 21.03.2016 None
no seminar None 04.04.2016 None
No Seminar None 01.08.2016 None
No seminar None 05.02.2018 None
No Seminar No Seminar 16.02.2015 TBD
Toward a multiscale representation of convection in climate models Nicolas Rochetin 18.09.2017 Matthias Brück
Thermals, coastal breezes and density currents characterization from explicit simulations: three unachieved but promising pathways Nicolas Rochetin 02.07.2018 Claudia Timmreck
Wind-shear effects on specific humidity in a convective boundary layer - A zero-order model approach Moritz Hartmann 17.09.2018 Katherine Fodor
IT special: Redmine - A Survey of ICON-AES Monika Esch 12.09.2016 Stephanie Fiedler
What shapes the probability distribution of shallow cumulus clouds? Mirjana Sakradzija 07.12.2015 Alberto de Lozar
What determines the distribution of shallow convective mass flux through cloud base? Mirjana Sakradzija 19.09.2016 Christine Nam
Convective cloud ensembles in theory, observations and modelling Mirjana Sakradzija 24.07.2017 James Ruppert
From microstates of shallow cumuli to macrostates of weather and climate Mirjana Sakradzija 27.05.2019 Maria Rugenstein
Relations between tropical organised convection and the large-scale atmosphere Matthias Retsch 05.10.2020 Thibaut Dauhut

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