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Title Speakers Date Organizers
Near-surface effects of tropospheric stratification in a free convective boundary layer Juan Pedro Mellado 18.05.2015 Raphaela Vogel
Storm track in a high-resolution global atmospheric model Chihiro Kodama 14.12.2015 Raphaela Vogel
HD(CP)2 Advancing Climate Prediction: Rapid Adjustments across scales Christine Nam 21.11.2016 Raphaela Vogel
Do cold pools widen the ITCZ? Julia Windmiller 02.12.2019 Raphaela Vogel
How and why does the tropical trade-wind boundary layer vary thermodynamically during EUREC⁴A? Anna Lea Albright 31.08.2020 Paul Keil
No seminar None 23.11.2015 None
No Seminar None 30.11.2015 None
No Seminar None 15.02.2016 None
no seminar None 14.03.2016 None
no seminar None 21.03.2016 None
no seminar None 04.04.2016 None
No Seminar None 01.08.2016 None
All hands meeting Bjorn Stevens 20.02.2017 None
No seminar None 05.02.2018 None
TBD James Ruppert 04.06.2018 Nicolas Rochetin
Water vapor gradient in the sub-cloud layer at Barbados Cloud Observatory Johannes Kiliani 25.06.2018 Nicolas Rochetin
Turbulence schemes and their influence on the boundary layer development in ICON-LEM Jan-Niklas Welss 24.09.2018 Moritz Hartmann
IT - Best practices Sebastian Rast 07.11.2016 Monika Esch
MULTIPLY (airborne High Spectral Resolution Lidar): update on the instrument development (room 301) Ilya Serikov 16.11.2015 Mirjana Sakradzija
1. Cathy Hohenegger 02.03.2020 Mirjana Sakradzija

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