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Title Speakers Date Organizers
The role of precipitation and organization in the response of trade-wind clouds to warming TBD 04.05.2015 Tobias Becker
The Role of Jet Stream in Global Atmospheric Circulation Gang Chen 27.04.2015 Elisa Manzini
The Role of Clouds in the Evolution of the Climate Feedback Parameter Diego Jimenez 11.11.2019 Stephanie Fiedler
The robustness of regional precipitation (change) studied via the Moist Static Energy Budget: Trials and Tribulations Dagmar Fläschner 17.08.2015 Chiel van Heerwaarden
The PC group Cathy Hohenegger 18.05.2020 Cathy Hohenegger
The organization of convection and the state of the subtropics Cathy Hohenegger 18.02.2019 Ann Kristin Naumann
The new 94 GHz radar for the BCO Lutz Hirsch 20.08.2018 Alon Azoulay
The Longitudinal Position of the Atlantic ITCZ Cheska Siongco 16.03.2015 Alberto de Lozar
The known and the unknown How large volcanic eruptions shaped the early 19th century Claudia Timmreck 04.11.2019 Diego Jimenez
The influence of underresolved processes in low-resolution large-eddy simulation Bart van Stratum 20.07.2015 Cathy Hohenegger
The impact of convection on the stratospheric water budget Thibaut Dauhut 12.10.2020 Jule Radtke
The Green Sahara High resolution simulations of the West African Monsoon during the mid Holocene Leonore Jungandreas 12.08.2019 Ann Kristin Naumann
The GCC group Hauke Schmidt 04.05.2020 Hauke Schmidt
The fingerprint of ducted waves Claudia Stephan 26.08.2019 Rieke Heinze
The effect of low-level radiative cooling on the BL structure and on a shallow circulation Ann Kristin Naumann 07.08.2017 Juan Pedro Mellado
The documentation of ICON Marco Giorgetta 03.02.2020 Jaemyeong Seo
The Diurnal Cycle of Mid-Troposphere Temperature in the Maritime Continent David Leutwyler 16.12.2019 Yanmichel Morfa Avalos
The diurnal cycle of large-scale overturning in convective self-aggregation, and diurnal stratospheric waves James Ruppert 31.07.2017 Mirjana Sakradzija
The Atlantic ITCZ — in a few plots Bjorn Stevens 08.10.2018 TBD
TBD Alberto de Lozar 23.02.2015 Louise Nuijens

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