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Title Speakers Date Organizers
Impact of the vertical distribution of Relative Humidity on Climate Sensitivity in a 1D-RCE Model Stella Bourdin 13.07.2020 TBD
Updates to the MAC aerosol climatology for optical and microphysical properties Stefan Kinne 15.06.2015 Traute Crueger
MPI-M's Aerosol Climatology MACv2 Stefan Kinne 15.08.2016 Karsten Peters
Aerosols - observations and interpretations Stefan Kinne 10.07.2017 Stephanie Fiedler
Atmospheric Measurement over Oceans Stefan Kinne 25.03.2019 Lukas Kluft
IT - Best practices Sebastian Rast 07.11.2016 Monika Esch
Tornadic supercells in landfalling tropical cyclones Sebastian Müller 11.05.2015 Elisa Manzini
Atmospheric Convection and Waves on Aqua Planets Sebastian Müller 02.05.2016 Alberto de Lozar
Tropical Convection, its Gravity Waves and Aggregation, in Spherical Limited Area Models Sebastian Müller 16.01.2017 Traute Crueger
TBD Sebastian Müller 22.10.2018 Ulrike Niemeier
A 1D model of the atmosphere and its application to the tropical tropopause Sally Dacie 11.09.2017 Hauke Schmidt
Are changes in ozone important for climate sensitivity? Sally Dacie 16.07.2018 Ann Kristin Naumann
Combining dual-frequency radar and microwave radiometer data for improved water vapor profiling in the cloudy atmosphere Sabrina Schnitt 14.01.2019 Guido Cioni
TBD Roger Smith 16.10.2017 Sebastian Müller
Radiative forcing and climate Robert Pincus 14.08.2017 Johannes Kiliani
Overview of ICON-HiRes evaluation Rieke Heinze 07.03.2016 Jürgen Bader
Cold pools over Germany in ICON-LEM simulations Rieke Heinze 12.02.2018 Elisa Manzini
Cold pool statistics in high-resolution large-eddy simulations covering Germany Rieke Heinze 14.10.2019 Traute Crueger
A detailed look at the cumulus-valve mechanism and its potential implications for cloud-base cloudiness Raphaela Vogel 25.11.2019 Julia Windmiller
Explaining variations in tropical lapse rates Paul Keil 07.09.2020 Alexis Mariaccia

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