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Title Speakers Date Organizers
Reserved for Department Meeting Bjorn Stevens 24.06.2019 TBD
Impact of the vertical distribution of Relative Humidity on Climate Sensitivity in a 1D-RCE Model Stella Bourdin 13.07.2020 TBD
IT special: Redmine - A Survey of ICON-AES Monika Esch 12.09.2016 Stephanie Fiedler
Aerosols - observations and interpretations Stefan Kinne 10.07.2017 Stephanie Fiedler
Is a linearized ozone scheme useful for climate simulations? Hauke Schmidt 08.07.2019 Stephanie Fiedler
The Role of Clouds in the Evolution of the Climate Feedback Parameter Diego Jimenez 11.11.2019 Stephanie Fiedler
Influence of surface properties on squall line evolution Karsten Peters 18.01.2016 Stefan Kinne
TBD Gustavo Hime 17.07.2017 Stefan Kinne
Survey of Methane/Ethane measurements with a mobile platform in Hamburg Hossein Maazallahi 29.10.2018 Stefan Kinne
Recent model developments at ECMWF guided by observations Irina Sandu 27.10.2014 Sebastian Schirber
Using the Stochastic Multicloud Model as part of an operational convection parameterisation in a comprehensive GCM Karsten Peters 01.06.2015 Sebastian Müller
Controls of Tropical Latent Heating in MPI-ESM1.2 Traute Crüger 30.01.2017 Sebastian Müller
ICON special: Ongoing development and perspectives for global atmospheric ICON simulations Marco Giorgetta 06.02.2017 Sebastian Müller
TBD Matthias Brück 09.10.2017 Sebastian Müller
TBD Roger Smith 16.10.2017 Sebastian Müller
Alert for Large volcanic eruptions in Medium term climate prediction Claudia Timmreck 09.07.2018 Sally Dacie
Agung eruption 1963 - one or two eruptions, does it matter? Ulrike Niemeier 18.03.2019 Sally Dacie
Balloon-based water vapour measurements around Barbados Johannes Kiliani 29.02.2016 Rieke Heinze
Cloud – radiation – dynamics interactions in extratropical cyclones and impact on the formation of blocking Jessica Vial 22.01.2018 Rieke Heinze
The fingerprint of ducted waves Claudia Stephan 26.08.2019 Rieke Heinze

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