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Title Speakers Date Organizers
Tropical Precipitation Biases Across Three Generations of CMIP: A project of MPI-M and friends Stephanie Fiedler 18.11.2019 Claudia Timmreck
Tropical cyclones…in the Mediterranean Sea? Guido Cioni 19.10.2015 Christopher Moseley
Tropical Convection, its Gravity Waves and Aggregation, in Spherical Limited Area Models Sebastian Müller 16.01.2017 Traute Crueger
Transport of nitrogen oxides through the winter mesopause Katharina Meraner 03.08.2015 Lutz Hirsch
Transient stratospheric circulation changes in a grand ensemble of idealized CO2 increase experiments Elisa Manzini 08.01.2018 Christine Nam
Transient stratospheric circulation changes in a grand ensemble of idealized CO2 increase experiments Elisa Manzini 05.03.2018 Christine Nam
Towards UA-ICON: a whole-atmospheric model for studying gravity waves from troposphere to thermosphere Guidi Zhou 13.02.2017 Juan Pedro Mellado
Towards reconciling observational- and modeling-informed understanding of precipitation-induced tropical cold pools Paquita Zuidema 05.12.2016 Claudia Timmreck
Towards modeling climate effects of energetic particle precipitation Katharina Meraner 06.06.2016 Dagmar Fläschner
Towards a coordinated modeling assessment of the climate response to stratospheric aerosol (room 301) Claudia Timmreck 22.02.2016 James Ruppert
Toward form-function understanding of mesoscale structure in atmospheric convection Brian Mapes 24.10.2016 Marcus Klingebiel
Toward a multiscale representation of convection in climate models Nicolas Rochetin 18.09.2017 Matthias Brück
Tornadic supercells in landfalling tropical cyclones Sebastian Müller 11.05.2015 Elisa Manzini
Timescales of convective aggregation Cathy Hohenegger 27.07.2015 Katharina Meraner
Thermals, coastal breezes and density currents characterization from explicit simulations: three unachieved but promising pathways Nicolas Rochetin 02.07.2018 Claudia Timmreck
The Volcanic Impact on Stratospheric Water Vapor Clarissa Kroll 24.02.2020 Cathy Hohenegger
The Tropospheric Stability Adjusts the Climate Feedback Parameter Diego Jimenez 04.03.2019 David Leutwyler
The stratosphere during La Nina Elisa Manzini 11.01.2016 Karsten Peters
The SFC group Claudia Timmreck 11.05.2020 Claudia Timmreck
The role of the vegetation and interactive leaf in self-aggregation and the distribution of precipitation Junhong Lee 23.11.2020 Katharina Stolla

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