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Title Speakers Date Organizers
(Re)discovering precipitation efficiency through land-atmosphere interactions Guido Cioni 26.06.2017 Traute Crueger
1. Cathy Hohenegger 02.03.2020 Mirjana Sakradzija
A 1D model of the atmosphere and its application to the tropical tropopause Sally Dacie 11.09.2017 Hauke Schmidt
A detailed look at the cumulus-valve mechanism and its potential implications for cloud-base cloudiness Raphaela Vogel 25.11.2019 Julia Windmiller
A direct derivation of a non-markovian stochastic parametrization for the Lorenz-96 model Gabriele Vissio 17.10.2016 Cathy Hohenegger
A diurnally evolving trapped lee wave study Haile Xue 29.06.2020 Marco Giorgetta
A tracking tool for convective precipitation objects: Application on idealized and realistic LES simulations Christopher Moseley 16.04.2018 Ludwig Worbes
Aerosols - observations and interpretations Stefan Kinne 10.07.2017 Stephanie Fiedler
AES department meeting Bjorn Stevens 26.01.2015 Bjorn Stevens
AES department meeting Bjorn Stevens 29.06.2015 Angela Gruber
AES department meeting Bjorn Stevens 21.09.2015 Angela Gruber
AES meeting TBD 09.12.2019 Bjorn Stevens
African monsoon rainfall in a warming climate Jong-Yeon Park 13.07.2015 Bart van Stratum
Agung eruption 1963 - one or two eruptions, does it matter? Ulrike Niemeier 18.03.2019 Sally Dacie
Alert for Large volcanic eruptions in Medium term climate prediction Claudia Timmreck 09.07.2018 Sally Dacie
All hands meeting Bjorn Stevens 20.02.2017 None
Alternative Earths: A New View on Old Topics Diego Jimenez 04.12.2017 Matthias-Heinz Retsch
Are changes in ozone important for climate sensitivity? Sally Dacie 16.07.2018 Ann Kristin Naumann
Are the orographic gravity waves trapped or propagated over southeast Tibetan Plateau in Winter Haile Xue 07.10.2019 Geet George
Associations between stratospheric variability and tropospheric blocking Tobias Haufschild 09.11.2015 Ilya Serikov

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