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Title Speakers Date Organizers
Paper discussion: Zappa et al. (2014), Linking Northern Hemisphere blocking and storm track biases in the CMIP5 climate models. 02.02.2015 Hauke Schmidt
Live-Stream from EUREC4A (room 024, 14:00) 27.01.2020 Julia Windmiller
TBD Alberto de Lozar 23.02.2015 Louise Nuijens
Starting stratocumulus precipitation Alberto de Lozar 09.05.2016 Cathy Hohenegger
Gravity wave signals in atmospheric soundings Alexis Mariaccia 14.09.2020 Almuth Neuberger
TBD Alon Azoulay 27.08.2018 Christopher Moseley
Dependence on resolution Andrea Schneidereit 23.09.2019 Ilya Serikov
Controls on the Atlantic ITCZ position Angela Cheska Siongco 10.08.2015 Dagmar Fläschner
TBD Angela Cheska Siongco 04.07.2016 Tobias Haufschild
How low-level radiative cooling can induce a circulation Ann Kristin Naumann 18.04.2016 Leif Denby
Characterizing the role of microphysics in global storm-resolving simulations Ann Kristin Naumann 17.08.2020 TBD
The effect of low-level radiative cooling on the BL structure and on a shallow circulation Ann Kristin Naumann 07.08.2017 Juan Pedro Mellado
Water vapor variability in the tropics from modeling and airborne lidar Ann Kristin Naumann 10.12.2018 Hauke Schulz
How and why does the tropical trade-wind boundary layer vary thermodynamically during EUREC⁴A? Anna Lea Albright 31.08.2020 Paul Keil
TBD Anna Luebke 22.05.2017 Tobias Becker
Wind-shear effects on the convective boundary layer Armin Haghshenas 27.03.2017 Bernhard Schulz
On the Tropical Atlantic SST bias effecting global precipitation changes Astrid Eichhorn 30.03.2015 Jürgen Bader
Gliding special Aude Untersee, Thorsten Mauritsen 19.06.2017 Guido Cioni
The influence of underresolved processes in low-resolution large-eddy simulation Bart van Stratum 20.07.2015 Cathy Hohenegger
Catching Cold Pools during FESSTVaL 2020 Bastian Kirsch 26.11.2018 Armin Haghshenas

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