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Title Speakers Date Organizers
The Longitudinal Position of the Atlantic ITCZ Cheska Siongco 16.03.2015 Alberto de Lozar
What shapes the probability distribution of shallow cumulus clouds? Mirjana Sakradzija 07.12.2015 Alberto de Lozar
Atmospheric Convection and Waves on Aqua Planets Sebastian Müller 02.05.2016 Alberto de Lozar
Explaining variations in tropical lapse rates Paul Keil 07.09.2020 Alexis Mariaccia
Gravity wave signals in atmospheric soundings Alexis Mariaccia 14.09.2020 Almuth Neuberger
The new 94 GHz radar for the BCO Lutz Hirsch 20.08.2018 Alon Azoulay
Understanding the extreme range of climate sensitivities across the RCEMIP simulations Tobias Becker 28.10.2019 Andrea Schneidereit
Sub-mesoscale observations of cold pools during FESSTVaL Bastian Kirsch 20.01.2020 Andrea Schneidereit
TBD Dagmar Fläschner 13.06.2016 Angela Cheska Siongco
AES department meeting Bjorn Stevens 29.06.2015 Angela Gruber
AES department meeting Bjorn Stevens 21.09.2015 Angela Gruber
TBD Bjorn Stevens 15.01.2018 Angela Gruber
Growth and decay of a convective boundary layer over a surface with a constant temperature Chiel van Heerwaarden 14.09.2015 Ann Kristin Naumann
Lidar electronics David Hellmann 11.04.2016 Ann Kristin Naumann
Convective organization in the ICON NARVAL simulations Matthias Brück 12.12.2016 Ann Kristin Naumann
High Definition Clouds and Precipitation - an overview of the HD(CP)² project Wiebke Schubotz 03.07.2017 Ann Kristin Naumann
Are changes in ozone important for climate sensitivity? Sally Dacie 16.07.2018 Ann Kristin Naumann
The organization of convection and the state of the subtropics Cathy Hohenegger 18.02.2019 Ann Kristin Naumann
The Green Sahara High resolution simulations of the West African Monsoon during the mid Holocene Leonore Jungandreas 12.08.2019 Ann Kristin Naumann
Rediscovering the doldrums in the tropical Atlantic through cloud resolving simulations Daniel Klocke 06.03.2017 Armin Haghshenas

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