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Title Speakers Date Organizers
Surface energy and momentum transfer in DYAMOND Winter Marcel Kern 26.10.2020 Hauke Schulz
Spatial patterns of precipitating shallow convection during EUREC4A Jule Radtke 19.10.2020 Marcel Kern
The impact of convection on the stratospheric water budget Thibaut Dauhut 12.10.2020 Jule Radtke
Relations between tropical organised convection and the large-scale atmosphere Matthias Retsch 05.10.2020 Thibaut Dauhut
Eurec4a: Lidar LICHT on Meteor Ludwig Worbes 28.09.2020 Matthias Retsch
Gravity wave signals in atmospheric soundings Alexis Mariaccia 14.09.2020 Almuth Neuberger
Explaining variations in tropical lapse rates Paul Keil 07.09.2020 Alexis Mariaccia
How and why does the tropical trade-wind boundary layer vary thermodynamically during EUREC⁴A? Anna Lea Albright 31.08.2020 Paul Keil
Characterizing the role of microphysics in global storm-resolving simulations Ann Kristin Naumann 17.08.2020 TBD
Characterising the circle environments of EUREC4A Geet George 10.08.2020 TBD
On the hemispheric symmetry of the Earth‘s albedo in CERES and GCM data Traute Crüger 03.08.2020 TBD
TBD TBD 27.07.2020 TBD
Free-tropospheric humidity in global convection-permitting simulations Theresa Lang 20.07.2020 TBD
Impact of the vertical distribution of Relative Humidity on Climate Sensitivity in a 1D-RCE Model Stella Bourdin 13.07.2020 TBD
Impacts of microphysical processes on the tropical atmosphere Jiawei Bao 06.07.2020 TBD
A diurnally evolving trapped lee wave study Haile Xue 29.06.2020 Marco Giorgetta
Ship based activities in the past and the future Lutz Hirsch 15.06.2020 Lutz Hirsch
The PC group Cathy Hohenegger 18.05.2020 Cathy Hohenegger
The SFC group Claudia Timmreck 11.05.2020 Claudia Timmreck
The GCC group Hauke Schmidt 04.05.2020 Hauke Schmidt

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