AES Seminar

The seminar takes place Monday at 9:00 am room 22/23. For any changes or suggestion of talks please write a mail to Hans Segura (hans.segura@we dont want or Laura Köhler (laura.koehler@we dont want

The AES seminar is about presenting your work in progress. It is an informal meeting of the atmosphere department and an opportunity to share and discuss your ideas with your colleagues. For further information please have a look here.

Title Speakers Date Organizers Target Groups
Does vertical resolution matter for the global energy balance of storm-resolving ICON simulations? Hauke Schmidt 30.05.2022 Claudia Stephan
TBA Theresa Lang 13.06.2022 Shivani Sharma
TBA Shivani Sharma 20.06.2022 Geet George
TBA Masaki Satoh 27.06.2022 Bjorn Stevens
TBA Geet George 04.07.2022 Moritz Günther
TBA Moritz Günther 11.07.2022 Ilya Serikov
TBA Ilya Serikov 18.07.2022 Marco Giorgetta
TBA Marco Giorgetta 25.07.2022 TBD
TBA Christopher Moseley 08.08.2022 Abisha Mary Gnanaraj
TBA Abisha Mary Gnanaraj 15.08.2022 Paul Keil
TBA Paul Keil 22.08.2022 Jiawei Bao
TBA Jiawei Bao 29.08.2022 TBD