AES Seminar

The seminar takes place Monday at 10:30 am room 101. For any changes or suggestion of talks please write a mail to Opens window for sending emailChristian Wengel or Opens window for sending emailTobias Kölling.


Title Speakers Date Organizers Target Groups
Relations between tropical organised convection and the large-scale atmosphere Matthias Retsch 05.10.2020 Thibaut Dauhut
TBD Thibaut Dauhut 12.10.2020 Jule Radtke
TBD Jule Radtke 19.10.2020 Marcel Kern
TBD Marcel Kern 26.10.2020 TBD
TBD Hauke Schulz 02.11.2020 Christian Wengel
Global precipitation biases alleviated in a globally coupled storm resolving simulation Christian Wengel 09.11.2020 Diego Jimenez
TBD Diego Jimenez 16.11.2020 TBD
TBD Junhong Lee 23.11.2020 TBD