AES Seminar

The seminar takes place Monday at 10:30 am room 101. For any changes or suggestion of talks please write a mail to Hans Segura (hans.segura@we dont want or Laura K√∂hler (laura.koehler@we dont want


Title Speakers Date Organizers Target Groups
Assessing the performance of a boundary layer scheme in UTGAM-SCM Milad Behravesh 27.09.2021 TBD
TBA Ludwig Worbes 11.10.2021 Lutz Hirsch
TBA Lutz Hirsch 18.10.2021 Stefan Kinne
Satellite remote sensing over the last decades and associated climate impacts Stefan Kinne 25.10.2021 TBD
TBA Marius Winkler 08.11.2021 TBD
TBA Jule Radtke 22.11.2021 Luca Schmidt
TBA Luca Schmidt 29.11.2021 TBD
TBA Gerard Kilroy 17.01.2022 TBD