Joint Seminar: Introducing a Superdroplet Model called ‘CLEO’

When and how much should it rain? In LES (and GSRMs) uncertainty arises because the timing and amount of rain are sensitive to how we model cloud microphysics. But discerning which model to use is limited by several inherent, undesirable qualities of conventional bulk models. In the face of such problems, a fundamentally different model for cloud microphysics has come to the fore: the superdroplet model (SDM). In this talk I introduce the SDM I have created called ‘CLEO’, and highlight the key features which distinguish it from other computational implementations of SDM. CLEO is currently being developed towards use in regional climate simulations coupled to ICON and run on exascale computers, and so I also present the first steps I have taken to determine if CLEO is applicable to such contexts.




15:15 h


Bundesstr. 53, room 133
Bundesstr. 53,, 20146 Hamburg


Clara Bayley, AES, MPI-M


Bo Liu

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