Joint Seminar: Into the warmth - On the patterning of trade-wind clouds and the value of building open science communities

The last few years have seen the unfolding of a significant research effort aimed at better understanding how shallow cumulus clouds over the subtropical oceans respond to and feed back on a warming world. Much of this effort has concentrated on understanding the mesoscale patterning of trade-wind clouds, and orbits MPI-M and the EUREC4A field campaign. I will present a perspective on mesoscale patterns from an outer ring of this orbit: I'll touch on how to describe cloud patterns, how they form, and why that matters to our view on how they'll respond to warming. I'll take you on a somewhat different path than that paved by the core EUREC4A community. But I'll also attempt to sketch the added value of building an open, collaborative research community, which has built the fundament that my results stand on.




13:30 h


Bundesstr. 53, room 022/023
Seminar Room 022/023, Ground Floor, Bundesstrasse 53, 20146 Hamburg, Hamburg


Martin Janssens, Wageningen University & TU Delft


Geet George

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