Joint Seminar: Towards a Seamless Connection of the Open and Coastal Ocean

The global coastal ocean has been identified a disproportional sink for atmospheric CO2. Our knowledge about the role of the coastal ocean in the global carbon cycle, however, is associated with high uncertainty. This is due to the scarcity of relevant observational data and due to an underrepresentation of shelf-specific processes in global ocean-biogeochemistry models. In this talk I will present the first global ocean-biogeochemistry model that seamlessly connects the deep open ocean with the shallow near-coastal zone, covering both global and regional scales: ICON-Coast. Increasing available computational resources as well as the flexibility of the triangular grid structure of the parent Max-Planck-Institute ocean model ICON-O allow for a regional grid refinement in shelf and marginal seas as well as an extension of the implemented physical and biogeochemical processes. The conceptual development of the first version of ICON-Coast is accomplished and considered a milestone of the CLICCS project A5 on "The Land-Ocean Transition Zone".




15:15 h


Virtual Seminar


Moritz Mathis, MPI-M


Diego Jiménez-de-la-Cuesta Otero

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