KlimaCampus Kolloquium: Climate Adaptation Governance of "Water from 4 Sides": Of wicked problems and metropolitan complexities in urban systems

"Water from 4 Sides" is one of the projects of CLICCS. In an interdisciplinary team of researchers it looks at climate adaptation in urban systems with regard to different water issues: river flooding, storm surges, heavy rain events, and ground water. For handling these challenges in the societal and political context the governance research provides a broad range of analytical and conceptual approaches including different steering modes and reaching from regulative and informal to economic instruments. However, governance arrangements are challenged by phenomena which complicate 'simple solutions', such as uncertainty, multi-level-responsibilities or diverging stakeholder rationalities. The presentation explores how those wicked problems and complexities refer to climate adaptation governance and could be considered in metropolitan strategies.

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15:15 h


Virtual Seminar


Jörg Knieling, HafenCity University


Axel Andersson

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