KlimaCampus Kolloquium: Methane flux dynamics in permafrost landscapes of the Arctic

Increased methane release from a warming Arctic is expected to be a major feedback on the global climate. However, due to the complex effects of climate change on arctic permafrost landscapes, projections of future land-atmosphere fluxes of methane are highly uncertain. At the same time, empirical data covering the pronounced spatio-temporal variability of methane fluxes is rare due to the logistic and technical difficulties associated with experimental investigations in the Arctic. In this talk, I will present our studies on methane flux variability on spatial and temporal scales conducted in the Siberian Lena River Delta (72.4° N, 126.5° E) between 2002 and 2019.

Please register at: https://www.klimacampus-hamburg.de/klimacampus-colloquium




15:15 h


Virtual Seminar


Lars Kutzbach, Institute of Soil Science, University of Hamburg


Dirk Notz

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