KlimaCampus Kolloquium: Global climate summits, international cooperation, and the prospects of collective action on the climate crisis

Since the 1990s, global climate summits federate each year delegates from virtually all countries on the planet. They produced a series of treaties, from the 1992 Climate Convention to the 2015 Paris agreement. Increasingly, they also try to facilitate and orchestrate decentralized climate action by firms, investors or municipalities. But what are the results of almost 30 years of global ‘summitry’ in terms of forging an international response to the climate problem? And how do social scientists observe, analyze and assess transnational mega-events that gather tens of thousands of delegates, activists, lobbyists and journalists? In this talk, I present a social science perspective on global climate politics, explain with which methods we study global climate summits, and share some insights from ongoing research.

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15:15 h


Virtual Seminar


Stefan Aykut, University of Hamburg


Axel Andersson

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