KlimaCampus Kolloquium: Clouds, Circulation and Climate Sensitivity — EUREC4A!

The response of shallow clouds over the tropical oceans to warming has proven pivotal for assessments of Earth's equilibrium climate sensitivity. Models that project a strong future warming invariably show a marked reduction in clouds in the trades. Studies over the past decades have not only helped identify the important role of these clouds for a model's response to radiative forcing (i.e., greenhouse gases), but also the mechanisms underpinning such responses. By exploiting advances in measurement science, EUREC4A, a Barbadian-German-French led field campaign, collected observations to test these mechanisms. By demonstrating an ability to measure both clouds, and the circulations in which they were embedded, EUREC4A also made it possible to also address a wide range of additional questions related to the physics that regulate cloud amount in the trades, and to provide benchmark measurements for a new generation of climate models. In this talk, I will present the science behind EUREC4A, its execution, and some snapshots of results emerging less than one year since the campaign's conclusion.

Please register for the colloquium at https://www.klimacampus-hamburg.de/klimacampus-colloquium/




15:15 h


Virtual Seminar


Bjorn Stevens, MPI-M


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