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Dinosaur forecast: cloudy, and other lessons from past warm climates Eli Tziperman 26.11.2009
Water and carbon dynamics of northern peatlands and their response to climate and land use change Lars Kutzbach 02.12.2009
Advancement of Coupled Climate Ocean Ecosystem Modelling Inga Hense 09.12.2009
Conceptual Understanding of Climate Change Dietmar Dommenget 15.12.2009
Why do tropical cyclones have eyes? Thomas Frisius 16.12.2009
Wind-induced slow-down of future sea-level rise in the South Pacific Axel Timmermann 06.01.2010
Engineering the Software for Understanding Climate Change Steve Easterbrook 12.01.2010
Buoyancy statistics and cloud cover in shallow moist convection Joerg Schumacher 12.01.2010
Climate Change and Security: Regional Hotspots and Strategies for Conflict Prevention Jürgen Scheffran 13.01.2010
Climate System Data Assimilation: Combining Observations and Models Johanna Baehr 20.01.2010
Was Copenhagen just a game? - Comparison of the MPI model conference results to the real deal Felix Pithan, Peter Düben, Rosina Grimm 26.01.2010
Land-ocean carbon and silica fluxes: From global to local perspectives Jens Hartmann 27.01.2010
The Role of Stratospheric Dynamics in Chemistry-Climate Coupling Theodore G. Shepherd 28.01.2010
Rain driven by receding ice sheets as a cause of past abrupt climate change Ian Eisenman 10.02.2010
tba Jan Cermak 16.02.2010
Adaptive parameter estimation of climate model closure parameters Heikki Järvinen 17.02.2010
On the transitions in marine boundary layer cloudiness Irina Sandu 24.02.2010
From Large-eddy Simulations to a Stochastic Parcel Model of Atmospheric Convection David M. Romps 03.03.2010
Dissolved gases as tracers of water-mass formation and transformation Roberta Hamme 10.03.2010
t.b.a. Angelika Humbert 17.03.2010
What did we achieve so far from global cloud satellite observations? Claudia Stubenrauch 21.04.2010
Aging of black carbon and its impact on aerosol optical properties and cloud condensation nuclei activities using a mixing state resolved model Naga Oshima 23.04.2010
POSTPONED - Large Eddy Simulation on GPU`s using OpenGL/ GLSL Stefan Horn 27.04.2010
Aerosol and Aerosol-Cloud Interactions in NCAR CAM5: Evaluation and Radiative Forcing Xiaohong Liu 11.05.2010
Comparison of different retrieval techniques for melt ponds on Arctic sea ice from Landsat and MODIS satellite data Anja Rösel 18.05.2010
Polar ice sheets and sea level - past, present and future Roland Warner 19.05.2010
Atmospheric boundary layer regulation of surface evaporation and the impact on cloud formation Chiel van Heerwaarden 25.05.2010
Remote sensing of cloud properties Ralf Bennartz 26.05.2010
Particle Tracking in Turbulence - from Copepodes to Clouds Eberhard Bodenschatz 03.06.2010
Mass flux fluctuation in radiative convective equilibrium Jahansha Davoudi 08.06.2010
Scintillometer Measurements of Sensible Heat Fluxes in the Urban Environment Jose Galvez 09.06.2010
Beobachtung der Wechselwirkungen der Morpho- und Hydrodynamik im Küstenbereich mit Radar-Doppler-Current-Profiler Stephan Sedlacek 15.06.2010
Atmospheric forcing on the Fram Strait sea ice export in recent decades Maria Tsukernik 15.06.2010
On the formation, propagation and decay of North Brazil Current Rings in FLAME Kerstin Jochumsen 16.06.2010
Deep Convection at low latitudes: Climatological Controls on Location and Timing Larissa Back 22.06.2010
Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation Variability in Decadal Climate Prediction Systems Holger Pohlmann 23.06.2010
The role of the Indian Ocean for regional rainfall and drought: Mechanisms and implications for forecasting Caroline Ummenhofer 24.06.2010
Dynamics of intraseasonal oscillations Adam Sobel 30.06.2010
Simulations of single clouds or what a LES-type model can tell us about larger scales Michael Herzog 07.07.2010
Divine Wind: The History and Science of Hurricanes Kerry A. Emanuel 08.07.2010
Atmospheric response to the Gulf Stream: Numerical diagnostics on the mechanism of surface wind convergence and observational analysis on seasonal variations Shoshiro Minobe 14.07.2010
Clear-sky remote sensing in the vicinity of clouds: what we learned from MODIS and CALIPSO Alexander Marshak 15.07.2010
Sources of Tropical Mid-tropospheric Water Vapour and Its Role in Controlling Deep Convection Christian Jakob 20.07.2010
Studies of Low and Mid-level Tropical Clouds Using ARM Data Sally McFarlane 21.07.2010
Imprint of Greenhouse cooling in Lidar observed stratospheric thermal structure over a sub-tropical station Mount Abu (24.5N, 72.7E, MSL height 1.7 Km) Som Kumar Sharma 26.07.2010
Remote Sensing and Data Assimilation - An Australian Perspective Christoph Rüdiger 11.08.2010
Land surface--atmosphere interactions in an idealized cloud-resolving model Linda Schlemmer 09.09.2010
Aerosol influence on cloud ice formation at warm subzero temperatures - insights from experiments and models Corinna Hoose 14.09.2010
El Nino: Two types spark new discussion Hans Graf 21.09.2010
Precipitation-generated oscillations in open cellular cloud fields Graham Feingold 01.10.2010

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