MPI-M Earth System Project “Super-Volcano”

The “Super Volcano Project” is a  crosscutting science projects of MPI-M in cooperation with the Univ. of Cambridge. At present the project involves ca 25 scientists from the MPI-M and 7 external scientists.

The major goal of this MPI-M Earth System Modelling (ESM) project is the investigation of the effects  that volcanic super eruptions have on the climate system, employing the coupled MPI-M Earth System model. This model has been successfully used in the IPCC AR4 process and C4MIP project. Super eruptions constitute extremely strong forcing to the Earth System. Applying such forcing provides a wide range of possibilities to investigate the complex feedback mechanism of the Earth System, e.g.: which processes will be activated, how stable will the system be, are positive or negative feedback mechanisms dominant. The super eruption simulations are therefore also an ideal test bed for the quality and performance of the Earth System model.