The ICON large eddy model (ICON-LEM) uses the physics package dedicated to large eddy simulations which is one of the three basic physics packages that ICON as a unified modelling framework offers. It is typically applied to study processes like clouds, convection and turbulence on O(100 m) grids.

ICON-LEM can be used to study processes in more idealized configurations with double cyclic horizontal boundary conditions and flat surfaces. Furthermore, ICON-LEM offers to prescribe lateral boundary conditions and to use nesting capabilities together with a terrain-following coordinate system to approach real-case set-ups.

The panel shows snapshots of cloud images from satellite (MODIS) and ICON-LEM (synthetic radiances) for four synoptically distinct situations in April and May 2013.
They reveal the ability of ICON in reproducing many of the fine-scale structures of the flow like a field of shallow cumuli over northern Germany on April 24 or a line of cumuli over elevated areas as on April 25.


A scientific documentation is provided in Dipankar et al. (2015) Initiates file downloadpdf  and Heinze et al. (2017) Initiates file downloadpdf.


For more information about ICON-LEM contact Cathy Hohenegger (Opens window for sending emailmail).