The ICON Earth System model ICON-ESM describes atmosphere, ocean and land by means of the component models ICON-A for the atmosphere, ICON-O for the ocean and ICON-L for the land. These components are coupled by fluxes of energy, momentum, water, and carbon dioxide at the surface.

The atmosphere and land components are discretized on the same horizontal grid and use the same time step. The ocean component including the ocean biogeochemistry, however, use a higher resolved grid, so that its coupling to the atmosphere requires a coupling procedure for interpolation and aggregation between the different grids. ICON-ESM makes use of the YAC coupler.

The Earth system model provides a numerical laboratory for research on the climate dynamics on time scales of a season to millennia. Necessarily most processes are parameterized to allow the computationally efficient integration over long periods.


Additional information on the first ICON-ESM simulations is compiled in this ICON-ESM feature.


ICON-ESM is made available in different versions: